What to see at the Boeing tour in Seattle.

Just 25 miles north of Seattle, you can visit Boeing’s Future of Flight Aviation Center. Watch 747s, 777s, and 787 Dreamliners come to life, and learn all about the technology, materials, and humans behind them. Extend your tour with a visit to one of the campus’s two restaurants: Diamond Knot and Ivar’s.

Airplane Design

This interactive exhibit allows you to digitally design your own aircraft. For an additional $8, you can take a virtual ride in the Innovator, and explore distant areas and times.

Family Zone

In the center’s Family Zone, kids are encouraged to experience and reimagine flight. Let your little ones create their own aircrafts using Legos, or practice taking off and landing using the center’s kid-sized, interactive airport.  

Future Concepts

What does moving away from fossil fuels mean for the airline industry? Will planes ever be able to run on solar energy? Learn more about the future of jet fuel in this new, forward-looking exhibit.

Original Boeing Airplane Company building at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle


All these new Star Wars flicks have us wondering what it would be like to live in space. Visit the center’s exhibit, Destiny, to learn about life on the International Space Station.

Flight Systems

How do airplanes actually stay in flight? What do all of the buttons and levers on an airplane’s dashboard actually do? Learn all about the complexities of flight systems like avionics, navigation, and hydraulics, in this fascinating exhibit.


Are you an engine nerd? Love getting a peek “under the hood” of powerful machinery? This exhibit is for you. Check out a real GE90 Boeing 777 engine, and learn about propulsion from video animation


Boeing collaborated with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to create this exhibit focusing on the weight and stiffness a various materials used to make aircrafts. A comparison of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and a Boeing 707 brings to life the importance of innovation in materials.

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