Art Collection

Sleep Surrounded by Seattle Art and Artifacts

Can a hotel’s art tell a story? We firmly believe it can, and Hotel Theodore showcases an intriguing collection of Seattle art and artifacts that celebrates the city’s innovative heritage. Images and artifacts line the walls throughout the hotel. Curated through Hotel Theodore’s unique partnership with Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry, the historical collection of Seattle art pieces and artifacts explores the city’s historic achievements and pioneering citizenry from artists and aerospace engineers, to inventors and tech innovators. We honor Seattle’s makers, doers and builders who, over the decades, have turned this city into the dynamic cultural hub it is today.


Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry has been carefully preserving Seattle’s unique history since 1952. In the process, it’s become the largest private heritage organization in the State of Washington, with its collection of more than four million objects, documents, and photographs from the Puget Sound region. Our partnership with the museum means that every corner of the hotel offers insight into the men and women who have shaped our surroundings. Look below to see some of the display cases in our halls and art on our walls.

Hotel Theodore Seattle Fishing Net Glass Floats Artifacts
Antique Fishing Net Buoys Made from Glass
Hotel Theodore Seattle Eddie Bauer Jacket
Original Design of Eddie Bauer Down Jacket
Hotel Theodore Seattle MOHAI Art
Vintage Boeing P12B Fighter Designs
Hotel Theodore Seattle MOHAI Art
Bertha Knight Landes - First female mayor of a major American city, Seattle
Hotel Theodore Seattle First Generation Amazon Kindle
Amazon's first Kindle - Electronic Reading Device
Hotel Theodore Seattle Augers Artifact Case
Artifacts from Seattle's early Logging Industry years